Колледж КГУ им. И.Арабаева

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г.Бишкек ул.Чалдоварская 91А Корпус №6

The main information

College of Kyrgyz State university of I. Arabaev (license AL №596 from 2010 to right of conducting educational activities) carries out specialists graduation with obtaining a diploma of the state standard. The college provides students with full time and part time education. In the college at Kyrgyz State University of I. Arabaev work highly qualified teachers. The teaching staff college students take part in the implementation of the development in the international projects, have the opportunity to participate in the seminars of the Soros foundation “Critical thinking”, in seminars on the projects “ TEMPUS TACIS”, etc. The college is equipped with the latest technology. There are several computer rooms where for each student the internet is available, a big lecture room and two small rooms, the conference room. There is also an excellent library stock in college, which contributes to improving the performance of each student. College students have also the opportunity to participate in sport competitions, as well as indoor and outdoor small stadiums, to engage with any kind of sports. There is a comfortable hostel; the number of places are enough for all students who need housing.






Scientific and practical conference

Holiday Nooruz-2018

Computer tournament